#1 Flawless™ Clay Sponge

  • Achieve glass-like smoothness on car surface

  • Washes and clays at the same time

  • Lifts micro contaminants that dull car paint

  • Helps wax/sealant to adhere better

  • Reusable up to 15-20 times!

  • Rinse with water to clean thoroughly

"Where has this thing been my entire life?"

Ever wondered how professional detailers achieve that buttery smooth, glass like finish on car paints? CLAYING.

Claying is done using clay bars. However, traditional clay bars are non-reusable, expensive and easily contaminated. In fact, It's normal to discard a brand new clay bar if you accidentally dropped it to the ground!

Flawless™ is made of synthetic clay, is reusable up to 20 times & can be cleaned throughly. Save costs, protect environment & achieve smooth glossy finish at the same time!

100% Money Back Guarantee

3 X Flawless™ Clay Sponge



100% Money Back Guarantee



5 X Flawless™ Clay Sponge


100% Money Back Guarantee

1 X Flawless™ Clay Sponge



100% Money Back Guarantee

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Achieve Pro Shine!

Achieve that buttery smooth and glossy shine on your car, without spending a fortune at professional detailers' shop!

Save your Money

Each synthetic clay sponge is reusable up to 20 times, thats almost 20 times savings compared to using fresh new claybars everytime!

Easy To Use

Just wet your car with soap water or detailing lube, and clay away! No training needed!



Wash and rinse as usual, to remove the heavier dirt.


Lube & clay away - use fresh soap water or detailing lube to lubricate the surface, before claying.


Touch to feel! enjoy the buttery smooth and mirror gloss finish!


What is the difference between traditional clay bar vs Flawless™ Clay Sponge?

Traditional clay bar tends to be non-reusable (use once and throw away), and very prone to contamination (dropped the clay bar? throw it away and open up a new one). That to us is a huge waste, and so we make our synthetic clay bar to be reusable up to 20 times, and can be cleaned by rinsing in water. 

What is synthetic clay?

Synthetic clay that is in Flawless™ Clay Sponge is a mixture of polymetric materials that simulate the dirt lifting capabilities of traditional clay bar. More and more professional detailers are switching to synthetic clay sponges to clay cars, as they lift dirts better, and is much more reusable. 

Will Flawless™ Clay Sponge strip away finishings like wax or sealant on my car paint? 

Yes. Aside from cleaning microdirt, the sponge will also lifts and strip the paint surface of wax and any sealant that was applied before. The idea is to ensure a clean surface for new application of these protective layers. 

How big is the sponge?

It is 9am tall, 6cm wide, and 2.5 cm thick.

Will reusing Flawless™ Clay Sponge scratch my car paint?

Technically no, as long as you rinse your sponge well before use. Unlike traditional clay, synthetic clay does not trap microdirts, rather it helps to lift them out from the paint, and into the lubricants. By the nature of synthetic clay not trapping microdirt, and rinsing the sponge well before reusing, you drastically reduce then chance of scratching your car paint.

What do you mean with 'Beware of Imitations'?

We have noticed several stores selling the same product as ours, with some even blatantly using our images/videos. There are also people claiming to be official agents of our company. These imitation grade sponge might not perform as well as Flawless™.

To avoid purchasing counterfeits, we advise to purchase from this website, and not source them from anywhere.

Can I use Flawless™ on other surfaces beside car?

No problem! feel free to use the sponge on painted surfaces such as motorcycle, helmets, pickups to ensure a proper and deep cleanthrough. We have had customers using Flawless™ to clean their boat!

Do I need training to use this sponge properly?

No, you don't need to. Just follow the instructions as written on the sponge's packaging, and you will be just fine!

I would like to purchase more than 5 units. Is there a special price?

Please reach out to us at and we will be happy to assist you.